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It is the only institution which not only takes care of patients afflicted with tuberculosis of the lungs in all stages of the medication disease, but also of orthopedic cases and of tuberculous maternity cases. Again, it appears that the tubercle germ has a very slight effects hold upon life, and can only reproduce itself under very certain and particular conditions. About three -fourths of the organ was found to be retracted, thickened, and indurated, and had a como few adhesions. This factory employs a large number of young Italian girls, and this is not the first instance of consumption among them, while tuberculosis in other forms has also Factory inspection at stated mechanism periods, inspection not only of the buildings, but the occupants, anti-spitting placards, talks to the operatives upon the subjects, are means to obviate this dan BOSTON MEDICAL AND SUBOICAL JOURNAL gerous condition of things.

Yet, contrary to the prevalent lay and professional belief, how rarely can true uterine haemorrhages or other uterine discharges be traced to the climacteric as a cause in itself: sleep.

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